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The still reflections of fall's last breath. A snow covered Mt Sneffels reflects its changing drama in a quiet beaver pond in the southwestern edge of the Colorado Rockies. The San Juan Mountain range is always a special place this time of year. You never know if the snow will preceed color, or if the colors of fall will last deep into October. This year the team captured a little of both- Enjoy and look for more posts soon. 

Arctic Arts Jokullsarlon- For good or ill, change is a constant. Environmentally speaking, climate change appears as a rapid course of kinetic evolution. As the human existence is wrapped in questions both profound and complex regarding this change, one question that surfaces for me as an artist is:  What does profound kinetic evolution look like? What is the visual response to these changes in our environment? 

The glacial lagoon of Jokullsarlon Iceland provided an excellent framework of change during my time in in the Arctic. “Icebergs in the Midnight Sun” was shot shortly after the summer solstice in early July. The golden light backlighting of the turquoise iridescent ice made for a dramatic encapsulation of change. 

New Arctic Arts Project Images. Icy blue Glacial River Flows makes for great art.

Iceland keeps getting more epic. Some how that word isn't strong enough for the day I had. This is Jokularlon at sunset. The blue ice changes to white as the ancient glacial ice is exposed to sunlight and air. These glaciers will float out to sea within the day.

Ice Diamonds on black lava beach. One of the few places on earth to have both Ice Diamonds and black lave in tandem. The first two weeks of the Arctic Arts Project have been nothing short of epic. Iceland has provided the project with a profound sense of importance, revealing its dynamic presence in the earth's ever-changing story.

The blue ice is something to see as it passes you by on its way out to sea. Really beyond words

About 5k in our hike up the Tongues of Vatnajokull we came across this incredible ice field on the glacier. Also, did you know that moss actually grows on stones that not only don't roll, but are found on a glacier? Watch for the images.

This region of Iceland is nothing short of epic. Colors of minerals and vegetation nothing like I’d ever seen. A volcanist’s paradise, or more specific an artist’s. This ever changing landscape blends volcanic evolution, with extreme elements and forces of nature, to provide a visual playground to all who venture here.


This is what Arctic Arts is about. The divergent story lines of these glaciers is profound. The seemingly peaceful summit of a volcano is marked in sharp contrast by the rapid movements of the ice flow just a few miles away. The melting ice changes a summer river into a torrent of volcanic sediments. A lot to ponder.

Glymur Foss, a 1500 vertical climb from the basin floor though basalt and lava fields to reach the top. Breath taking to say the least. Lots of cold rain, but then - that is what makes it so green. The river basins and deltas flowing from Icelands largest glaciers makes for incredible art. The suspended minerals and radiant ice blue waters transcend the imagination of what is actually being seen.

ArcticArts-Glymur-Hills Glymur Foss

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