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Kerry Koepping

I love that photography is light. It is exhilarating to engage a scene and watch as the light evolves throughout the day. To be able capture the exhilarating first breath of light to the days dramatic end is a very sensory experience. For me, each photograph is a journey in perception, an exploration in seeing the world that surrounds us. When photographing, I tune in to the natural rhythms and pulse of the subject at hand and try to communicate that sense back to the person seeing a final image. I also enjoy the fact that when shooting scenics or landscapes you have little or no control over weather, light or geography.

So to get that amazing shot a photographer must study the subject/landscape and place himself in the most unique position as to arrange all the variables in what will become an interesting composition. And sometimes you get lucky. There are those serendipitous moments when all the elements of a great image fall into place.
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The Arctic Arts Project looks to capture the essence of change in the Arctic through the lense of Kerry Koepping's fine art photography. "Arctic Arts is the art of communicating change." The Arctic Arts Project began this summer in Iceland! Watch as change is revealed. Be sure to follow Arctic Arts on facebook



Awards and Selections

2013 - Louisville National Juried Photography Show
Best of Show for "Obachan"

2013 - Louisville National Juried Photography Show
Place Award for "Solitude"

2013 - Portland Japanese Gardens Juried Competition
Collector's Calendar Series for "Japanese Silk"

2013 - Portland Japanese Gardens Juried Competition
Collector's Cards Tree Series for "Encantada" and "Roba"

2012 - Senator Michael Bennet
Colorado Congressional Collection for "Gold Beyond"

Arctic Arts Project Strategy

The project goal is to capture a body of work over the next 36 months that will reveal unique images of environmental art that currently exist primarily north of the arctic circle. The belief is that geographical areas that are under significant kinetic change are constantly revealing visual elements, both artistic and scientific, that may have only been witnessed globally by a few select people, if at all. It is the project's intent to bring this unique visual kaleidoscope of ice, water, fire, tundra and fauna to the world at large, capturing the change as the aesthetics of rebirth rather than extinction. Current plans are to photograph within the following periarctic regions; Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Norway and Slavbard archipelago north of the 81* parallel. Seasonal change would also be captured within a selection of these regions so as to exhibit change over both smaller increments of time as well as change on a grander timetable. The project would seek to capture this environmental palette in areas both occupied by man and in areas so remote that few humans have ventured into its region.