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House on Fire

Biline: South East Utah Desert

Deep within the back country of the Utah desert, a rock formation stands above an Anasazi ruin house. It takes on the appearance of fire - thus its assumed name "House on Fire." The 800-year old relic of North American history lights up with reflective light for about 2 hours each day giving the ruin its fire-like essence.

Attributed: KoKoWorld Photo by Kerry Koepping

Pacific Northwest Collection

KoKoWorld Photo's collection of "America's Northwest" brings to life the natural wonders of Pacific shorelines, waterfalls of the Columbia Gorge, majectic vistas of the Cascade Mountain Range and lush wooded forests. Oregon's and Washington's geological variety creates a vast playground for capturing the many moods and storylines of the Northwest.

America's Southwest Collection

KoKoWorld Photo's collection of America's Southwest reveals the geological wonders of Utah, Arizona, and Nevada. Home to the Navajo people, these areas reveal stories of a simpler time, a human spirit that is connected with nature. Vivid hues and sweeping lines of the Slot Canyons, near Paige, Arizona, become art forms in themselves.

Arctic Arts

As the human existence is wrapped in questions both profound and complex regarding this change, one question that surfaces is:  What does profound kinetic evolution look like? What is the visual response to these changes in our environment? The Arctic Arts Project expects to artistically capture the exquisite art and essence of the Arctic change; the colors, the light, the textures, the forces of change that create a sense of visceral beauty within its evolution. The Project intends to create a photographic fine art collection of works that span the northern most hemisphere of our planet.Arctic Arts is about inspiring, educating and creatively communicating stories of change within the periarctic regions.

Rocky Mountain Collection

The Rocky Mountain Collection images span geographically from Canade through Montana, Wyoming and throughout Colorado. Since our home base is in the Rocky Mountains, KoKoWorld artists express the nuances and subtleties that are unique to this part of the world.